English version for Festival.

Festival is February 9-11

February 9th is the evening program consisting of night sprints and live music. Heavier metal group, where girl plays base gitar…Sprits itself has three random starts, where you try to beat your own best….

February 10th. long preparation, but start is at 1PM. then at about 5PM we all transfer ourselves to Jaunpiebalga Cultural Hall, where we will have ski related quick seminar and lots of Documentary films about XC-skiing. Most likely somehow AtoB Rollerski will be there… At about 8:30 PM Ball (party with live music) starts. You should reserve table and place where you can almost anything (local tradition!!!!)…party till you drop, man!

February 11th, all and everybody ski original Festival route; Jaunpiebalga-Vanagkalns (bus transport available!). We have several type accomodations!


great , great, great….pray for snow!

so, far, interest and some tickets are from America, Germany, Finland and Norway…Slow Estonians still thinking…Maybe Swedes? Russians as well, there are some nice people in Moscow that could come….


Call me if questions: rdombrovskis@gmail.com

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